What are Casting Molds?


Casting molds are the structures or the special apparatus made in which the melted iron is poured. The casting molds are structured in the way you want your final product to shape. The casting molds shape the metal cast.

A very high amount of structures can be formed by casting molds. Casting moulds can resist a lot of heat. It is structured in the way that it absorbs the heat from hot molded liquid mixture of metals, then it changes the mixture into hard structures.

Casting molds are also available in the market for sale. Many companies are making plastic molds and then selling it in the market. These plastic molds are easily available.


One of the basic component needed in metal casting are casting molds. casting molds are used in every casting process. After the iron or sand or any metal used for casting is mixed with impurities, a mixture is formed. This mixture is heated to the level it is in liquid state. Then this mixture is poured into casting molds. In iron casting, it cools down and changes into the required solid structure according to the shape of the casting mold.

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